Lisa the Calico Cat Stickers

Meet Lisa the Calico Cat! She is gorgeous cat with a tri-color coat: white, black and orange.

Send her to your friends and relatives to show your love!

This is a collection of amazing and high quality artworks.

All images are optimised for Retina Display.

Original StickerPack includes:

1. Hello!

2. Bye!

3. Morning

4. Night

5. Yes

6. No

7. Please

8. Thank you

9. Ok!

10. What?

11. Seriously?

12. Ha-Ha

13. Happy

14. Angry

15. Sad

16. Love You

17. Miss You

18. Kiss Me

19. Lunch

20. Yummy

21. Congrats

22. Hurry

23. Beauty

24. Ooops

You can use it in different ways:

  1. Tap to send the needed sticker
  2. Or Click & Drag it on message bubbles, photos and videos in your conversation
  3. You can scale & rotate it by the second finger

Let Lisa make your conversations awesome!

Design by Ladyginger

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