Christmas Stickers Chow Chow

Celebrate Christmas with Peach the Chow Chow!

Send this in your conversations and let your friends feel the spirit of Christmas!

This is a collection of amazing and high quality artworks.

All images are optimised for Retina Display.

Original StickerPack includes:

1. Good Morning

2. Good Night

3. Merry Xmas

4. Happy New Year

5. Hello

6. Sledding

7. Christmas Bauble

8. Christmas Sock

9. Snow Party!

10. Rudolph

11. Christmas Dinner

12. You are so Sweet

13. O Christmas Tree

14. Ready?

15. Christmas Warm

16. Gifts

17. Gift Time

18. Winter Time

19. Snowball

20. Holiday Kiss?

You can use it in different ways:

  1. Tap to send the needed sticker
  2. Or Click & Drag it on message bubbles, photos and videos in your conversation
  3. You can scale & rotate it by the second finger

Merry Christmas!

Design by Ladyginger

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